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Basic Poker Rules
Texas Hold’em Rules
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Texas Hold’em Poker Rules

Texas Hold’em poker can be played by playing Limit, No Limit or Pot Limit games.

Limit: is where there are set bets and you cannot bet higher or lower. For example in a $10/$20 Limit game you can only bet $10 for the first two rounds and $20 for the last two rounds.

Pot Limit: is where you can bet up to the amount of the pot.

No Limit: is where you can bet as much as you have! You can either push all your chips in or a portion of it.

There will always be a table minimum that you must “buy in” for and some might have a maximum (usually on No Limit poker games). For example on the $5/$10 table the minimum might be around $100.

The Button
On the poker table there is a round disk called the “Dealer Button”. This button will move clockwise around the table one position at a time after each deal so everyone will have it once per round.

The player to the left of the Dealer button is the small blind and the player to their left is the big blind. Blinds are forced bets and determined by the blind limits for that poker table.

Pocket Cards
The dealer shuffles the deck and then starting with the Small Blind deals clockwise out the cards face down until each person has two. These are your own pocket/hole cards and for your only. You shouldn’t show them to anyone who is the game.

The pocket Cards are dealt pre flop and the betting starts with the first person to the left of the big blind. This player can call the bet, raise or fold.

The Flop
After the pre-flop betting is done, the next betting round now starts with the first person still in the hand to the left of the button, they can either Check or Bet.

The Turn
The betting is now doubled, so in the case of the $5/$10 table you would need to bet $10 to make a bet.

The River
The dealer will turn over the next card, These five cards make up the “Board”. Bets would still be $10 in the $5/$10 example and 3 maximum raises.

The showdown
Once all betting is over on the River, if there is still more than one person left in the hand then they all turn over their cards and the person with the best poker hand wins the pot.

This Texas hold’em poker game takes only five minutes to learn but a life time to master.

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