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Basic Poker Rules
Texas Hold’em Rules
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Basic Poker Rules

Online poker has allowed a wide range of persons to get more involved with poker, with such a level playing field, and the pressure faced in a face to face setting, online poker is becoming a firm favorite of all levels of poker players.

There are many poker variations but all of them follow the same rank of hands, terminology and the 52 card deck.

In almost all poker games, cash is not used but chips represents the money and each chip will have its own denomination of its worth. You buy your chips at the beginning of the game before playing and this is called “Buying In”. When you wish to quit, you can trade your chips back for cash also known as “Cashing Out”.

Here are a few of the common poker terminology.

  • Ante: a bet placed into the pot by all players before the hand is dealt.

  • Bet: to add money into the pot that all other players will have to call.

  • Blind/s: used in some variations instead of antes.

  • Bluff: when a player bets his hand but have a hand that probably cannot win. He hopes everyone else fold’s.

  • Buy in: Money used to buy into the poker game. Most poker games have a minimum that you must buy-in for.

  • Call: When a bet has been made in front of you, one of your options is to call where you match the bet. So you to continue in the game.

  • Check: Checking is where you neither bet nor fold.

  • Fold: If you think you cannot win, you should fold. You throw your cards into the middle and quit the specific hand.

  • Pot: All the money that is put in during the hand goes into the center called “The Pot”.

  • Raise: A raise is after there has been a bet. The player increases the amount of the original bet.

  • Showdown: After all the cards are out and all the betting is complete there come the “showdown”.

Rank of Poker Hands

The winner is determined by who has the highest hand.

  1. High Card: no pairs, straights or flushes just the highest card in your hand. If there is a tie, then you go to the second highest card to determine who is the winner.

  2. One Pair: two cards of the same value. A pair of 8’s beats a pair of 7’s etc.

  3. Two Pair: two cards of the same value and another two cards of the same value.

  4. Three of a Kind: Three cards of the same value.

  5. Straight: Five cards that are sequential such as 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 of different suits. The Ace can be used for a low straight or as the highest straight.

  6. Flush: Five cards of the same suit but not sequential.

  7. Full House: Three cards of the same value and another two cards of the same value.

  8. Four of a Kind: Four cards of the same value.

  9. Straight Flush: Five cards that are sequential and of the same suit.

  10. Royal Flush: The highest of all poker hands is a straight flush that is from the Ten to the Ace.

  11. The game of poker is simple to learn but hard to master. No matter what kind of poker game you are playing, it usually comes down to the best five cards. The goal is to win the pot.

    There are two options to in the pot:

    a. At the showdown your hand is the highest.


    b. All your opponents fold their hands.

    The poker game has many variations and it is a source of pleasure for most people while a source of income for professionals.

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