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MotionX Dice for iPhone

Written by: Michael Jones
10 September 2008

Fullpower® is the leader in developing mobile sensing solutions. On August 18th, they released the MotionX ™ Dice for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It was the consumers that led to the generation of this product.

This software allows users to initiate a roll by shaking the iPhone or iPod using the MotionX-Dice software. Fullpower used physics to control the way the dice are rolled. As they shake their device, the software reacts as if they dice were actually colliding and settling as if the player was using real dice. The player can choose how many dice are being used in the game by selecting anywhere from one to five dice.

MotionX-Poker is a game where you shake dice against the casino and you use the dice much like cards and try for straights, trips, full houses, etc. The player and the casino play at the same time and after each roll you get to decide what dice you wish to keep, while knowing what the casino has rolled. The game consists of three rolls with the highest hand after is declared the winner. In this game you win gems for completing various events such as the Pearl Gem for beating the casino twice in a row with the same hand. You also unlock different styles of dice that can be used. You get a complete listing of stats on your career and things like what dice are you luckiest.

MotionX-Poker was such a large success with both players and critics and this led to several requests for MotionX dice to be used in games such as Liars Dice, Backgammon, Yahtzee, Craps and other multi-dice games. Fullpower wishes to thank the iPhone community for its success by making the product completely free for the first 3 months.

The Director of Technology of Fullpower is Arthur Kinsolving. When asked about the quick design of the software he stated, “Because the MotionX technology platform is designed for accuracy and flexibility, we can build great MotionX solutions promptly. The iPhone is a revolutionary platform that gives consumers easy access to unique and soon life-changing applications.”

You can find MotionX-Dice as a free download from the Apple App Store at www.itunes.com/appstore/.

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MotionX Dice for iPhone
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