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Review of Play 65
Our average rating – 93.3 %

Bottom Line
“You will understand why people all over the world use their minds and have great fun while competing in their tournaments and head to head games”

Site addresswww.play65.com

Start of operation – 2004
Gaming software – Proprietary
e-mail[email protected]

Software type – Download version
Direct downloadDownload Play 65
Download size – 0.3Mb (Downloader)

Play 65 – Accepts US players

Rating – 93.3%
Customer Service
Software and Graphics
Player Traffic/ Volume
Soft Competition
Financial Security
Game Variety
Signup Bonus
Loyalty Bonus

Special Bonus Details
Get $20 for free on your first $20 deposit. In addition to this you will get $2 just for verifying your email.

Games that can be played:


Languages that the software supports:

English, Hebrew, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Turkish, Swedish, German, Japanese, Korean

Operating system compatibility
Windows Compatible Backgammon room


Lobby Screenshot     Game Screenshot
Play 65
Lobby Screenshot
    Play 65
Table Screenshot

Short Description

Full Description

Play65 is one of the oldest and currently the largest Backgammon room.

The online backgammon software at Play65 has the best graphics and look available on the web today. Easy to see peices are used on traditional backgammon colors in this stunning representation of a backgammon board. Software features like the double-click auto-move, auto-bearoff, pip counter and the doubling cube allows for fast game play with optional length timers. Each player is rated based on their personal history at the room and can take advantage of multi-table play with optional rules like the Crawford rule and beavers.

Great graphics, nice and friendly user-interfaces. Membership is free, each player has it’s own rating, and you can play for fun or for real money. Play65 offers matches, tournaments, event-tournaments, and freerolls where you can win real money for free!
At Play65, you can watch the game and chat with the players; you can deposit/withdraw with all credit cards and PayPal.

The unbelievable growth of online backgammon continues as there are close to 10,000 players competing live at Play65 during peak weekend times. Although there are some swing tournaments and sit and go’s running, the large marjority of these players are playing individual cash games and series. Anyone looking for a quick game at low stakes usually does not have to wait long before getting offers.

The multi-table backgammon tournaments remain small with usually under a hundred players and sit and go’s usually host 4 or 8 players. A popular tournament format called ‘swing’ tournaments have recently been released giving each player a set number of chips, and giving backgammon games chip values that increase each round as you face different opponents. A monthly main event is held with a prize pool boasting $100,000 , the biggest ever online. Backgammon tournaments can be quite fun and exciting but it should be mentioned that the house fee on these tournaments remains quite high relative to the buy-in.

Play65 offers a variety of sit-and-go or event tournaments (including play-for-fun tournaments).


  • Play65 has by far the best graphics and look available on the web today

  • 10,000 players competing live at Play65 during peak hours

  • A poker school is available within the software

  • New accounts are given $2 free just to try out the real money game at no risk


  • Support in English only

  • There is no Jacoby rule

Deposit methods     Withdrawal methods
  • Credit Cards:
    • Visa
    • Mastercard

  • E-Wallets:
    • Neteller
    • Paypal
    • MoneyBookers

  • Bank Accounts (Offline):
    • Wire Transfer

  • Credit Cards:
    • Visa
    • Mastercard

  • E-Wallets:
    • Neteller
    • Paypal
    • MoneyBookers

  • Bank Accounts (Offline):
    • Wire Transfer

  • Other:
    • Western Union

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Basic Tips for Backgammon
Doubling Cube – this is the key to backgammon. Never accept a double if you are too far behind. A match to three and you are trailing 1-0 and your opponent has doubled and you accepted, then you should redouble your next turn….
Written by Eva S. Flint Monday, January 14, 2008

Backgammon Versions
There are numerous ways the game can be played; here are some with their rule changes. Acey-Deucy Same as backgammon accept when you roll 1-2, you first do your 1-2 moves and then you pick any double you want and you get to roll again….
Written by Eva S. Flint Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Backgammon Strategy for Beginners
Backgammon is a race to see who can get all their checkers off first. Most novices try not to leave any exposed checkers and hit as often as possible. This is not the best approach and here are some factors to consider when playing….
Written by Eva S. Flint Wednesday, December 19, 2007

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