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Articles published on May 2006

Although Europe is not the place where the game of backgammon was born, the game owes a great deal to the European countries for its popularity and standardization.
Article byEva S. Flint (30/05/2006 10:33:43)

Below you can find a list of websites where you can play online backgammon tournaments against a multitude of people from the comfort of your own home. Arkadium – http://www.arkadium….
Article byEva S. Flint (28/05/2006 07:03:55)

The regular scenario in backgammon is that no player wants to leave any stone unturned for vying at the opponent’s checkers. In backgammon it is called a shot….
Article byEva S. Flint (21/05/2006 07:08:30)

If you find that you are falling behind in the game, you may start feeling discouraged if you have not undergone any neutral training or mental strength building….
Article byEva S. Flint (17/05/2006 05:51:41)

Even in this the 21st century, the game has not changed, only the method of what to play becomes the question, in that the popularity of the game has now reached an audience that has the capacity to play globally 24 hours a day for fun or for money via the world wide web.
Article byEva S. Flint (14/05/2006 10:46:43)

Backgammon is a race between two countries. The number of soldiers is restricted to 15 by the gentle man?s agreement. Code of Conduct has been clearly described by the Judge Security Council (!). The tracks for moving around, resting or even attack is clearly defined by 12 narrow triangles on each side. The numbering is also done prior in hand. The soldiers are called the checkers and the triangles are known as Points. The Line of Control is identified by the stiff hill called the Bar. The first chance of firing will be given to the country which will score higher in the throw of the dice – the luck factor.
Article byEva S. Flint (09/05/2006 04:53:52)

Our continuous effort to keep you in tune with all the latest Backgammon News has resulted in the following data collection. We are presenting it to you in a suitable format to enable you to update yourself with the latest tournament schedules, news and events amongst the most popular of all board games today – backgammon.
Article byEva S. Flint (06/05/2006 06:14:10)

The single brightest star shining in the backgammon sky for quite some decades is the unanimously famous Tim Holland who has been showered by titles for his stupendous success in the field.
Article byEva S. Flint (03/05/2006 06:31:52)

Recently written and posted Backgammon Articles:

Some Information and Tips on Backgammon Sets
Backgammon sets are as varied as the players who own them. In many cases, the styles of sets for playing backgammon reflect the personal style of the owner. Here’s some general information about backgammon playing sets and where to find them….
Written by John Adler 01 September 2008.

An Overview of Gambling in Backgammon
The possibility of gambling in backgammon is built into the game via the doubling cube. This doesn’t mean that you have to wager money in backgammon – simply don’t use the doubling cube for a gambling-free game….
Written by Benjamin Sami 31 August 2008.

Some Information on the Backgammon Board
The game board for playing backgammon is set up in a very specific way. In this article, we’ll present a brief overview of how to set up a backgammon board….
Written by Longlake James 31 August 2008.

Online Backgammon Strategy vs. “Live” Backgammon” Strategy
Playing strategic online backgammon involves a few adjustments from playing live games. This article discusses how to develop a strategy for playing online backgammon….
Written by Bob Ross 01 September 2008.

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