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DiceArena ™ – the next poker game

Written by John Hill
28 September 2008

DiceArena ™ is the newest invention in multiplayer gambling. It is of course based on dice and not cards and there are a suite of games. The game was developed by Swedish online game developer Jadestone. DiceArena ™ is being launched this fall at several European sites.

There are a total of four games so far. There are the classics: Backgammon – the board game that everyone knows and Liars Dice -the game that involves the most bluffing.

The other two are new and are:
Shoot the Moon where you need to get the highest total score shooting six dice. The first player rolls two dice and hides their score. Then each other does the same. Then the player next to the button starts the betting. Each player left rolls another two dice and then another round of betting. Then the last two dice are rolled however, if you roll a pair of 3’s you “Shoot the Moon” and get half the pot otherwise the pot goes to whoever has the highest score.

– the latest twist on Hold’em. The players after the button post a small blind. Each player rolls two dice but has them hidden under a cup so only they know what they have. The players then have a betting round. This is followed by the dealer rolling three dice or the flop. The dice are left open to all and another round of betting. The dealer then rolls another die (the turn) and another round of betting. Finally the dealer rolls the last die (the river) and the last round of betting. Sound familiar? The best hand wins. The winning hands are :
1. Yatzee (Five of a kind)
2. Four of a kind
3. Full House
4. Straight
5. Three of a kind
6. Two Pair
7. One Pair

CEO of Jadestone, Robert Henrysson , said “Billions of people have played with dice.. We all know how to shoot dice and immediately associate it with exciting social game play. We’re now taking that feeling online with DiceArena™. With quick and easy game play, it’ll be enjoyable for casual players but also a fun diversion for the more seasoned poker pros.”

The game works very much like Hold’em Poker which is a proven platform of turn-based play. The gambling industry will earn its income through either a rake based system or tournament fees. For more information on the DiceArena line of games you can find it at www.jadestone.se or www.dicearena.com.

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DiceArena ™ – the next poker game
DiceArena ™ is the newest invention in multiplayer gambling. It is of course based on dice and not cards and there are a suite of games. The game was developed by Swedish online game developer Jadestone….
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