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Backgammon Versions

Written by Eva S. Flint
01 January 2008

There are numerous ways the game can be played; here are some with their rule changes.

Acey-Deucy Same as backgammon accept when you roll 1-2, you first do your 1-2 moves and then you pick any double you want and you get to roll again. This game adds more luck to the game than skill.

Hyper-Backgammon Each person starts with 3 checkers on their 24, 23, and 22 points. There is a cube and players can agree that gammons and backgammons count as one point. Due to lack of checkers this can lead to very strategic games.

Nackgammon Same as backgammon but instead of five men on both your midpoint and 6 point you only put four. The extra two men go on the 23 point. This game was invented so backgammon students would practice positional play. Games are usually longer because you cannot easily start a race by rolling a 6-5 or 6-6.

Tapa Just like backgammon except single checkers are not hit. Instead the opponent rests their checker on top and forms a point. The checker under cannot be moved until the one on top moves. In this game, it is very unwise to leave your checkers close to your home uncovered. If your opponent covers them, you may easily get back gammoned. If you should get caught, you should try to force your opponent to free it by blocking his other checkers. This game is very strategic and players tend to move their checkers slowly around the board rather than large leaps.

Narde This is essentially backgammon without hitting. You cannot take any space that has an opponent’s checker.

Try some of these variations to spice up your games. Not only are they fun but they can help you practice several key aspects of backgammon such as positional play and different strategies.

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