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Backgammon Site Reviews: Play65

Written by Loen Shapiro
Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Playing backgammon online is a great way to learn the game or improve your skills. It’s available whenever you feel like a game and usually offers several levels of play, depending on your skills. But what site should you choose? If you check out online backgammon site reviews, you’ll find that Play65 is a popular and reputable web destination for many players.

When reading reviews of online backgammon sites, Play65 is consistently highly rated. Here’s some information summarized from Internet online backgammon reviews to help you decide whether Play65 is a good choice for you.

According to reviews of Internet online backgammon sites, Play65 is one of the biggest backgammon presences on the web. With over 5 million players worldwide, Play65 offers a wide range of backgammon-related gaming services, including both free and real money play, we are told by reviews of Play65. Online backgammon site reviews also say that there are tournaments played daily and wins in some tournaments qualify players to play in prestigious competitions like the world championships.

Play65 reviews say that there’s a free software download and a great school for beginners. Reviews of the Play65 web site Play65 say you can expect a feature-rich site with all the highlights you’d expect, including 100% random dice, 3D graphics, realistic sounds, chat and instant messaging. The graphics are especially good and you can choose between a couple of different types of boards, like leather and wood, according to Play65 site reviews. There’s a handy pip count function and the instant message feature allows players to invite people who are not on the site to come in and play. Another nice feature is the automatic roll function. You also can view game histories whether you’re playing for real money or “fun” money.

Play65 is a premier, world-class site that caters to players’ needs with great customer service, challenging play and a gaming environment that keeps you coming back time after time. So many positive reviews of online backgammon sites can’t be wrong.

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Backgammon Site Reviews: Play65
Playing backgammon online is a great way to learn the game or improve your skills. It’s available whenever you feel like a game and usually offers several levels of play, depending on your skills….
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