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Play Backgammon online!

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NEW! Read our online poker sites review!

If you’re new to Backgammon, our rules and strategy guides will tell you all you need to know about the game of Backgammon and where it can be played online. Our reports and recommendations on online Backgammon Play sites are based on personal experience only.

  1. BG Room – www.bgroom.com
    BG is the name, BackGammon is the game!
    BG room is a website for online backgammon games, either for play money or for real money.

    Launched on 2006, this site is relatively new in the business so there would not be too many players online compared to other Backgammon platforms. However, if you are looking for easy games this place might just be for you.  Read the review of BG Room

  2. Play 65 – www.play65.com
    You will understand why people all over the world use their minds and have great fun while competing in their tournaments and head to head games
    Playing for fun is free. The overall quality of competition is not quite as high as on the money side of the site, but there are still some very good players there. The online Backgammon software at Play65 is the best we have ever seen. You will understand why people all over the world use their minds and have great fun while competing in their tournaments and head to head games. Open a new account and get $2 Free, no deposit necessary.  Read the review of Play 65

  3. Gammon Empire – www.gammonempire.com
    Join the biggest Backgammon club on the net. Get $2 free bonus for verifying your email.
    Through GammonEmpire, you can learn more about backgammon, improve your skills, meet new people and last but not least: Make a lot of money by beating other people in your favorite game!
    GammonEmpire is the second largest Backgammon site, GammonEmpire is all about bringing the Backgammon enthusiasm and excitement to people worldwide, enabling professional and amateur players to play against each other in a geographically boundless environment. The software graphics are nice and clear and the functionality is good.  Read the review of Gammon Empire

  4. 888 Backgammon – www.888.com
    The world’s #1 casino now has backgammon as well.
    888 Backgammon is the new member of the ones that already brought us 888 casino and pacific poker.  Read the review of 888 Backgammon

  5. Party Backgammon – www.partygammon.com
    The first backgammon tournament ever to feature a guaranteed $1 million in prize money!
    Partygammon.com owns and operates its own proprietary backgammon software, which enables the company to respond quickly to competitive challenges.
    PartyGammon.com is making history with the first backgammon tournament ever to feature a guaranteed $1 million in prize money! Qualify online exclusively at PartyGammon.com and you could win one of 64 tournament prize packages worth $12,500!  Read the review of Party Backgammon

If you wish to switch to poker, check our list of best poker sites and find you a nice poker room to play at.

You can contact us any time via email at [email protected] if you have any question or comment. We are here to be of help.

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MotionX Dice for iPhone
Fullpower® is the leader in developing mobile sensing solutions. On August 18th, they released the MotionX ™ Dice for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It was the consumers that led to the generation of this product….
Written by: Michael Jones 11 September 2008

The latest variation – SassanGammon
2008 seems to be the year for variations on backgammon. The World Backgammon Association (WBA) has announced a new variation in backgammon called SassanGammon ©. The rules have finally been changed to their final form….
Written by: Alexandra Torres 10 September 2008

Some Information and Tips on Backgammon Sets
Backgammon sets are as varied as the players who own them. In many cases, the styles of sets for playing backgammon reflect the personal style of the owner. Here’s some general information about backgammon playing sets and where to find them….
Written by John Adler 01 September 2008

An Overview of Gambling in Backgammon
The possibility of gambling in backgammon is built into the game via the doubling cube. This doesn’t mean that you have to wager money in backgammon – simply don’t use the doubling cube for a gambling-free game….
Written by Benjamin Sami 31 August 2008

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