The following are our personal impressions and recommendations for sites that offer backgammon games online. These are just our own appraisals of these sites, as frequent backgammon and online casino players, and are in no way influenced or sponsored.

This site offers several opportunities to play and lets players customise their boards to some degree. This is one of the best sites for backgammon, rarely experiencing lag and offering other backgammon-related resources to read through.

Players on this site tend to be less experienced so it is a good place to start for amateur players, who might be overwhelmed by more expert participants. No lag noted when we played and offers customizable settings for each game.

This site is a mixed bag. The players here range in experience from newbie to master and it can sometimes be difficult to find an opponent close to your own level. The chat feature is fun but can also be distracting sometimes as all players can contribute at the same time.

We like this site because it offers games against computer opponents and real ones, for fun or for real money. A warning though – the site takes a tiny percentage of all wagers in order to cover its running costs. It’s not a huge amount but players should keep that in mind.

Despite the name, this site is a good place to be if you are familiar with the rules of backgammon but are not quite an expert yet. A friendly collection of players and the site owners are very helpful too. This site only offers games against human opponents without cash wagers.