The following are our personal impressions and recommendations for sites that offer backgammon games online. These are just our own appraisals of these sites, as frequent backgammon and online casino players, and are in no way influenced or sponsored.




What follows are subjective appraisals of several popular backgammon websites. These are the personal opinions of backgammon enthusiasts and regular players at online casinos, and are not sponsored or influenced by any outside agency. Nevertheless, we hope that these reviews will prove useful for anyone hoping to play backgammon online, and will help them to find the site that is right for them.


Play Backgammon

One of the best backgammon sites on the web, Play Backgammon not only features several ways to play the game but also has links to a wealth of other interesting games and downloads. The site is very responsive, and boards can be customised to some level by players if they so wish.

Play BG

This is an ideal site for those new to backgammon, as the other players tend to be beginners as well. With customisable boards and no noticeable lag, Play BG is a great place to brush up on your backgammon skills and develop confidence before moving on to meeting more experienced players.

Backgammon Free

Backgammon Free attracts players from all levels, so sometimes it can be difficult to find a suitable partner. Additional features include live chat with other players, which some may enjoy, but for others it might become frustrating if everyone is talking at the same time. This site has a lot going for it, but may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Free Virtual Backgammon

Despite the name, this site is not actually free, as it keeps a small percentage of all real money bets made to cover its costs. Of course, if you’re just playing for fun that means it won’t cost you a penny. The virtual part is true enough, however, as you can play backgammon against computerised opponents, as well as other human players. Overall this is a fun site with a lot to recommend about it.

Backgammon Expert

While not necessarily an ideal first port of call for backgammon beginners, you certainly do not have to be an expert to play on this site. In fact, it’s a great place for competent players to further develop their skills at the board, with helpful advice from the site owners and a generally amicable bunch of regular players. Real money doesn’t change hands here, but you can be sure you’ll be playing against real people, not computers, in a relaxed and friendly environment.

NetEnt Casino

Although NetEnt are mostly known for developing slot games, with the rising demand for Backgammon, we hope to one day experience this beloved classic with all the thrills and spills of a NetEnt adaptation. As community sites like NetEnt Casino are becoming increasingly influential on gaming development, acting as a bridge between the acclaimed provider and its fandom, that day may well be closer than we think. A NetEnt take on online backgammon could well be looming on the horizon if the demand is there. And we certainly think that it is. Hopefully, Backgammon will soon join video poker, roulette, blackjack and other popular casino games in the NetEnt collection.